Meaghan & JF | An intimate wedding by the water

You know when you meet someone and you are like, "Um can we hang out?", well when I met Meaghan & JF, that's kind of how I felt. Since then, they have come to really hold a big spot in my heart. I met them way back when the wedding plans were too far away to think about and we were just planning one adventurous engagement shoot. We went to Toronto’s Kensington Market, where the bar kept rising on how awesome these two are it just kept getting better and better as the shoot went on. I think I walked away in pain from laughing & smiling so darn much.

When I got the email that wedding plans were starting to evolve, one could say I was happier than a bird with a french fry that I was the lucky lady they wanted to document their day. 

Sometimes as photographers we dream up the words our clients describe as their wedding and start to get excited about something we have no idea how it will actually be in reality. In most cases, we have very active imaginations. But, in this case, it matched perfectly how the day would go plus a ton of happy surprises that had me more in love with these two then when I started. These two really trusted me with so many elements in their wedding, trusted me with time, decisions and even last minute ideas. When you have a couple like them, you are in good company and you are in this world where everything in reality trumps all your dreams. It’s pretty darn wonderful.

Styling and Event Planning: Love by Lynzie

Florist: Flower 597

DJ: Danny Floh Back

Venue: Viamede Resort

Wedding Dress: Sash & Bustle Boutique

Photography: Me, of course ;)