Alex & Miles | an intimate at home session

At home sessions have always been some of my favourites. The moments that come out of a morning or afternoon spent with a couple in their home can be some of the most beautiful & raw experiences one can witness. It's the place that holds the trinkets that speak to the adventures they've had, it has photos on the walls or in frames that remind them about their relationship, and the fridge can be the biggest insight into their relationship. Whether it be completely empty, stocked so intensely they can barely shut it or full of just condiments and bottles of champagne. The home is this beautiful mesh of them both. And, it's the place they lay their head at night, cuddled up, sharing stories from the day, reminiscing or planning for the future. It's the place of no pants, or no clothes what so ever. It's the place of habits.

It's home, but what makes it home is the other person they share this box in the sky with.

Alex & Miles have been pulling at my heart strings and plastering a smile on my face from the first time I met them.  I've had the pleasure of learning about them and documenting their love story over the time that I've gotten to know them. Each time I visit with them, my heart feels a little fuller. One of the most beautiful things about them is the care they have for each other and the fun they have together.

While it was still chilly out, on the tale end of winter and beginning of spring, I ventured over to their warm home for a morning of coffee, chocolate covered almonds and conversation. These two really define what love and partnership is. It's pretty great to see how after marriage couples grow closer and stronger in their love. It's really what this is all about.