love story

Home Is In Your Arms | Tori & Mitch

These two are pretty much my definition of love.

When I first photographed them they were engaged, and now this second time, they have since wed. Some people say that after the wedding all the bliss settles, but with these two, there is no shortage of love. The playfulness, the excitement to be with each other, the glow they have when looking at each other and the way they melt into one another makes you go a bit weak in the knees. Or, smile from ear to ear like a fool. I totally smile like a fool when I'm around them.

Working with couples like Tori & Mitch give me life, like honest to goodness, these two refuel my heart and soul. They are the reason I do what I do. If all couples just played and loved so honestly, I'd do a dozen of these shoots all dang day long!

It makes me happy knowing that two people as cool as these two are together, bringing such good energy and love into the world. I really like them, if you couldn't tell ;) Hope you do too!


Love at the Broadview Hotel | Melissa & Aubrey

My husband travels a lot. Like a lot, a lot. He's not always put up in the most lavish or glorious of overnight accommodations. Sometimes, when I get to tag along, and it's not in the tour bus that we, out of our own free will, choose to cram ourselves into the same teeny tiny bunk, but a hotel room, with a big bed, those crisp white sheets, and the option of room service, I get pretty excited. To be completely honest, I'm a sucker for it.

Recently, in the east end of Toronto, a new spot opened up and let me tell you, it's one of the sexiest hotels I've seen and I couldn't be more excited about it. And yes, it was originally Jilly's.... if you don't know what that was, do yourself some Toronto research! And some rooms still have poles in them which make me giggle!

Location is everything, and with weddings, if you are gonna have your prep covered, why not have it in a sexy as hell place that adds so much to your photos? OR, if you don't want to do a home-shoot at home, but maybe give yourself an excuse to escape the every night routine, why not shack up somewhere extra special with your love!?

And, that is just what we did with Melissa & Aubrey.

With one week left to their wedding, both very busy jobs going full force, and a huge to do list to do, I thought why not create the opportunity for them to have a little "couple time"  and escape without really going very far at all. So we booked a room at The Broadview Hotel and planned their engagement shoot there.

When I think of Melissa & Aubrey, I think of a glass of Lagavulin 16. Their notes are complex - smoky, sweet, and strong.

These two are no fuss, just chill & cool vibes. They spent most of the time during the session just conversing about things that make their blood race and minds adventure. They exist together in this way that while motivating and pushing the other to go further with the subjects they cover, they also bring out the best in one another. They play. They laugh. And they love in this beautiful unapologetic way that makes your heart know they are just perfect for each other.

These kind of sessions ignite my soul and heart. And I totally fall for these kind of couples cause they really are my kind of couples.


Love By the Lake | Morgan & Colin

They were wed one week ago today at the AGO, but I couldn't not post about the sweet time we spent at their cottage. It was beyond delicious (even better than the breakfast sandwich I'm eating and I can make a mad breakfast sandwich!)

Engagement shoots are such a beautiful experience to have between myself and my couples. It gives us time to get comfortable with each other, which I think is so important when you are inviting basically a stranger into the most personal moments of one of the most memorable days of your life. I'm there when you get dressed, when you share little looks, when you see each other for the first time, when you (but hopefully not) get a little overwhelmed and stressed, and in a way, I'm a part of the memories for years to come. So why not have a time between saying yes to your photographer and sharing all of this? Personally, I think it's such an investment and well, it's also when we both fall for each other, which results in all the good things. Trust me, all the good things!

Morgan and Colin have a tenderness in how they are with one another. It's so beautiful to see, that it in fact rivals the epic sunset at the end of our shoot. Really, really. 

I cannot wait to share their wedding, which has my heart wiggling non stop, and even Morgans, as I know from her super cute & full of exclamation mark email last night (in response to the sneaks I sent from their wedding). But until then, here's one heck of a dreamy love session. Happy Saturday!

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