Love shoot

Love at the Broadview Hotel | Melissa & Aubrey

My husband travels a lot. Like a lot, a lot. He's not always put up in the most lavish or glorious of overnight accommodations. Sometimes, when I get to tag along, and it's not in the tour bus that we, out of our own free will, choose to cram ourselves into the same teeny tiny bunk, but a hotel room, with a big bed, those crisp white sheets, and the option of room service, I get pretty excited. To be completely honest, I'm a sucker for it.

Recently, in the east end of Toronto, a new spot opened up and let me tell you, it's one of the sexiest hotels I've seen and I couldn't be more excited about it. And yes, it was originally Jilly's.... if you don't know what that was, do yourself some Toronto research! And some rooms still have poles in them which make me giggle!

Location is everything, and with weddings, if you are gonna have your prep covered, why not have it in a sexy as hell place that adds so much to your photos? OR, if you don't want to do a home-shoot at home, but maybe give yourself an excuse to escape the every night routine, why not shack up somewhere extra special with your love!?

And, that is just what we did with Melissa & Aubrey.

With one week left to their wedding, both very busy jobs going full force, and a huge to do list to do, I thought why not create the opportunity for them to have a little "couple time"  and escape without really going very far at all. So we booked a room at The Broadview Hotel and planned their engagement shoot there.

When I think of Melissa & Aubrey, I think of a glass of Lagavulin 16. Their notes are complex - smoky, sweet, and strong.

These two are no fuss, just chill & cool vibes. They spent most of the time during the session just conversing about things that make their blood race and minds adventure. They exist together in this way that while motivating and pushing the other to go further with the subjects they cover, they also bring out the best in one another. They play. They laugh. And they love in this beautiful unapologetic way that makes your heart know they are just perfect for each other.

These kind of sessions ignite my soul and heart. And I totally fall for these kind of couples cause they really are my kind of couples.


Alessandra & Farshad | Toronto city lovers

Last weekend I spent my Saturday with these two loves documenting their wedding day. And, even though they are hitched and now an old married couple (jk ;) ), I'd be at a loss if I didn't share this beauty of a love session.

Alessandra & Farshad; I'm not sure if its the fact that one of you can do the most spot on Southern Belle Accent, or that we share a love for Grey's Anatomy, or that the fact that you got engaged on a 'Post-it' like Derek & Meredith (oh Grey's!!), or that you love Toronto as much as me, or maybe it's because you two have the most radiant hearts in all of Toronto. Whatever it is, I am just head over heels for you both. 

It was an honour to follow alongside you on your wedding day. Watching it unfold so beautifully and feel all the love all day, it made my heart feel like it was on top of the world.

Happy Honeymooning!


Claire & Scott | Love & Vintage Cars at the East Room

These two, oh these two. Their wedding is a week away and to say I'm psyched would be an understatement.

But, before the wedding festivities quickly come upon us, I want to share the awesomeness that is them. Claire & Scott, or known to each other as Boobs and Beebs which started as a joke, but are now quite serious nicknames, are a couple who knows how to have fun. Like truly, whole heartedly, feel it in your belly, face aching from smiling kind of fun.

Watching them have a whole conversation with no words makes your heart feel all happy because you just know they found their partner in each other. They love and they play. It's kind of soul quenching to see the play still exist no matter the age, and it makes you know that these two are gonna have fun for the whole ride of their lives. 

I'm pretty honoured to document the fun and the love. Enjoy our little morning at the East Room with these two and the sweetest of sweet cars.

Alex & Miles | an intimate at home session

Alex & Miles | an intimate at home session

It's been over a year since they said 'I do' and their love just seems to get stronger, and steamier. Over coffee & chocolate covered almonds, on a chilly spring morning, I visit with these two souls in their cozy aparment.  They reminisced about their relationship, talked about the future adventures and spent most of the morning entangled with one another. At home sessions make my heart warm and happy.