I have three passions; story tales, good hearted humans and love. It’s only fitting that what I’ve stumbled upon as a career is photography, and I’m so glad I stumbled and stumbled hard. I pour my heart into my work each and every day.

 I love open windows and loud indie music, I love the smell of rosemary, baked goods and lavender, I’m an excellent parallel parker and it takes me almost 6 hours to finish a cup of coffee. I am a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an artist, a woman, organized chaos and I’m proud of the life I’ve built. I love deeply, I give my trust too freely (I’m working that one), I love adventures and being at home with my husband and dog. I’m ordinary, but different. I cry a lot of happy tears. I like sad music. I’m kind, but I’m definitely a firecracker. I will not stand for people who tear others down. I end most weddings at home in the bath with a whiskey on the rocks. I’m married to the most kind, the weirdest and most handsome indie rocker musician of a man and I get excited just coming home to see him. I dig creativity, laughter, honesty and just enough sarcasm. I admire people who aren't afraid to love, who kiss passionately and who open their hearts to the right people.

Life is messy, it’s real and raw. Life is beautiful. They say that you have to have a little darkness, because without it you wouldn't be able to see the stars. Scars are stories, every bump teaches us something new. I’m fascinated by all the chapters that make up your life story.