Motherhood is a beautiful time in ones life where a new chapter begins, and nothing is like it was before. Your time, your relationships, your health, your home, your body, your heart; everything is affected, everything shifts, everything has a new meaning and feeling. In becoming a mother, you’ll see that time passes so much quicker than it ever did before. With each new stage, you are learning and preparing; pregnancy, newborn life, toddler life, teen life, etc. Motherhood is a time of celebration. Each step of the way. You create a human life, than you give life, and suddenly this little being is there in your everyday, smiling at you, testing you, offering you something new and teaching you. Each day will be drenched in love.

Having a baby is fuzzy kind of love, a rush of love. It’s such an incredible thing to suddenly meet someone who you immediately have such a connection to.

And, the love just grows and grows.

Things move so quickly from milestone to milestone. Nothing lasts too long. Things shift and change. Documenting these moments in their rawest form, in the beautiful chaos of your life, realizing that things are perfectly imperfect (and that’s what makes them so good) is something so special to be able to do. There shouldn’t be a reason other than to capture these moments that mean so much, especially because they pass us by so quickly.

Since becoming a mom, my love for capturing families in their real moments and real spaces continues, but it has deepened dramatically. I see families in a more golden light and in a more intimate way. The perfectly imperfect way their days unfold move me. Both the crazy and the endearing moments make my heart soar.


Motherhood Sessions

The Motherhood captures are outdoors, or in studio sessions with Scarlet. It’s just you and your babe(s), or you and your belly. We explore your motherhood journey and capture it in it’s truest form. Whether, it’s just about snuggling, or maybe your breastfeeding journey, or the affects of your birth story. Maybe it’s a new milestone, or maybe something about them that makes you smile. Maybe it’s twirling around your toddler, or possibly, it’s just being present with your little one. These sessions are you in your element, taking motherhood on in the most beautiful way. From one mama to another, these moments go by too fast, don’t wait to capture them.


Matrescence Series

This is a personal project from my heart. After recently having a baby and coming out of the fog of the fourth trimester, there is so much I wish I had captured and explored, but didn’t. And, there is so much I wish I had known going into it too. There isn’t a lot of truth out there for those that have a darker experience during this time and I hope to open up about it so those that experience a different side to motherhood don’t feel so alone, and that we can find the light in the darkness. This project aims to capture the beauty of the fourth trimester in it’s truest form. Through photographs of our bodies and our babes, I hope to share what motherhood really looks and feels like.


Family Sessions

This is real life. In real places, with real moments. My family sessions are not going to be the kind of session where your hair stays perfectly places and your iron shirts stay pristine. Your children and you aren’t going to sit on a backdrop, say cheese wearing matching outfits. These sessions are a snapshot of your every day, any day. They are maybe wild & messy. They are full of giggling, jumping on beds, running around, eating your favourite foods, reading your favourite books and exploring the places you love being. These sessions are about you being you, being a family and bringing me along to document these moments that no selfie, no stranger can truly capture.