Fourth Trimester

A new photography series focusing on the bond between you & your babe during the first few months of their life.


It all started when…

I had a baby and it wasn’t anything like how I thought. Nothing was rainbows and unicorns for me. The fourth trimester was a dark period and I felt incredibly isolated, sad, and like there was something wrong with me. I was open about how I felt, and quickly (and thankfully) realized I wasn’t alone. I began connecting with other moms over social media, and these friendships (with people I had never met and friends I rarely see) started to become some of the most valuable exchanges. While nursing during late night hours, I would share my feelings, my fears, and my story with other moms currently going though the same thing as me, or moms who had just experienced it. One common thing so many of us would express was how “no one told me this and that”. Over and over again, we’d share this same sentiment.

I started to look at this phrase that was repeated over and over again, and I began to wonder why no one did. Why did no one warn me or prepare me for this side of motherhood. Everyone focuses on things like what colour is your nursery, what sex is the baby, what names have you picked out, and what do you want for your register? But none of these things really matter in prepping for baby. In fact, we don’t even have a nursery, we didn’t find out the gender until he arrived, we didn’t share the names we picked, and our registry was itty bitty. But the things I wish were brought to my attention, were things like “what kind of parenting styles are out there?”, “what method of sleep training (or if I was going to guide to sleep instead) were being done (and when and why)?”, or even “how to handle the care of my own body”.

I’m out of the fourth trimester now and I can say the rumours are true that a fog exists over those months, and you do slowly forget. And, that makes me sad because as hard as those beginning times were, you’ll never have those moments back. I already miss how little he was, even for just a few weeks, as my little one got big so quickly.

For me, the fourth trimester was a darkness, and that is ok because in that darkness my light was my son and he’s become the love of my life. But because of the darkness, I missed out on capturing our time together while he was so small; I missed out on time-stamping those beginning moments. I was too scared to capture my body as it healed - and, I regret not doing that. I would give anything to go back and capture all these things, but that’s not possible.

There began this project. The Fourth Trimester series aims to capture your body during these beginning months while bonding with the little being that is responsible for this change in you. It aims to capture your breastfeeding journey, OR your journey of #fedisbest. It aims to capture the beauty of skin to skin; as your little one that was inside of you for so long, now breaths the same air as you. It’s about the scar, or the stretched skin. It’s about the tenderness and soreness of your recovering body as it heals from the journey you’ve been on. It’s about healing from your birth story or honouring it. It’s about our identities as we become mothers.

While this time is not the same for everyone - and, for MANY women it’s total bliss - this project also aims to capture all experiences where your life shifts. Where you surrender, or give yourself to motherhood; where your body transforms from having carried this little being to now healing from that journey; while physically, mentally, and emotionally caring for them earth side.

It’s all of this…. all while bonding and being with your little one.

If this project isn’t for you, but you’re interested in documenting the relationship between you and your little one, please check out my Motherhood Captures and hopefully we get the honour of working with each other that way. Just click below to bring you there!

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