Sarah & Jeff | A Distillery District's art gallery wedding

One of the biggest compliments is when a family falls in love with you, and two siblings both decide that you are the person they'd choose to document their day.  For me, each and every wedding is completely different. No matter what. Even when some of venues might be the same, or the colour palette of the day is similar, or you might even have some of the same faces making an appearance; it doesn't matter because each wedding is truly unique, at least to me. No two couples are the same. Everyone has different tastes, quirks and preferences. When people see this, and know that through and through what inspires me is the couple; that they lead the day. For me, well, my heart skips a little beat. Actually, that's a lie. It skips and jumps and does a few somersaults.

From the Melvin's, to the Keeso's, to the Driscoll's, well, let's just say it's pretty much the ultimate flattery! These families are some of the best people I know, and being able to document the chapters in lives that crossover with others gives this documenting thing a whole new level of lovely.

Sarah & Jeff's wedding took place in the fall and as our weather starts to warm up (here in Toronto at least) while still keeping a bit of chill in the air,  I felt inspired to share the beauty of their wedding.  From the moment I walked into her calm hotel room, to the anticipation of these lovebirds seeing each other for the first time, to playing at dusk with only the headlights of the old Rolls lighting our playing grounds, to the laughter that filled every moment of their dinner and speeches, well - my heart was on fire.

Couples like these two, families like theirs, days like this, a wedding vendor team as strong and inspiring as that, well, it's all of the reasons that make me love calling myself a wedding photographer. To Sarah & Jeff, thank you for letting me capture your love, your story and this pretty darn special day when you married each other!  

Ps. dont forget to make it to the bottom to see who these beauties had working along myself for this lovely day, it's a wedding to remember!

Wedding planner: Angela Zaltsman |  A to Z Event Management  

Flowers: Becky De Oliveria |  Blush & Bloom  

Transportation: 1956 Rolls Royce | Peter Broughton |  A Rolls Choice 

Band: Robbie & Matthew

Doughnuts: Glory Hole Doughnuts  

Ceremony location: Trinity Chapel, University of Toronto 

Reception location: Thompson Landry Gallery, Distillery District  

Bridal gown Boutique: Sash & Bustle

Photographer: Scarlet O'Neill aka me!