On some of my fav 2016 lifestyle stories

The secret is out, if you didn't know, I spend quite a few mornings documenting the other chapters of people's lives. 

My lifestyle sessions with the families I work with are some of the most emotional and often insanely hilarious moments in my year. And while sometimes there are job hazards like being peed on, thrown up on or or more recently being bitten, I wouldn't trade these sessions for anything else. 

And, yes, like weddings where there are only a few of those look-at-the-camera shots. You know, the photos Grandma is going to hang on a wall in her cozy home. But for the most part, my shoots entail endless moments of my families just being them. It's about making pancakes in the morning, reading their favourite book, going for that morning walk with the dogs, or popping over to the coffee shop to indulge in some caffeine and treat your little one to a chewy chocolate chip cookie.

2016 was filled with moments that made this new bride think too much about her own next-chapter, but also it was filled with so many lessons in how I'd be as a parent, as a mom, and even how, with the lack of sleep and craziness, it's so important to always find time to be your partner. These new mamas & dads are super heroes in my eyes and I think it's such a gift to be able to be a fly on the wall in so many loving homes, and then make memories for ever and ever, that they of course cover their walls with. I hope you enjoy and I take no responsibility if in 9 months you find yourself calling me for a shoot ;)