On Love | the heart of 2016

Love. Feel it in your bones kind of love. Make you want to get home just a little quicker to see them kind of love. Can't help but smile your silly face off at dinner across the table at them love. Hold on just a little longer or have one extra goodbye smooch in the morning kind of love. This love. This is the love that makes our world happier and better. It's the kind of love that enriches my own life and gives life to my work.

To be honest, I kind of cringe at the name 'engagement shoot' because I think it tends to paint the idea that it's going to be two people posing on a picnic blanket with a cheese board full of cheeses they've never tasted, in an outfit they can barely sit in. OR, if you are in Toronto, it's a shoot in the Distillery District by the truck, oh the truck.

But engagement shoots are nothing like that anymore, at least for me, and the adventurous in-love couples I have the honour of working with. For us, it's time spent together documenting the real moments between them. It's about the quirks and habits. It's in the places that have meaning or make their hearts happy. My love shoots are connection shoots. They are hang-outs. They remind you why you are together. There's no fuss, just holding hands and making out.

2016 was a year of love. A year where I documented more than just a few love stories. A year where I learned how people have struggled in love and have come out even stronger than before. A year where I've seen people deeply excited about this chapter in their lives. Often I learn such valuable lessons from my own couples. It's incredible how much we all have to give by just sharing our stories.

One story that keeps me constantly excited about doing these shoots is from my time with Leah & Adam. I met them in parking lot of a park where they admitted being a tad nervous about the shoot. We dove right in, adventured all over the park and shared memories about their love story. A few days later, I got an email from Leah telling me that they were so enamoured by the quality time they spent during the shoot that they cancelled all their plans for the weekend and took off for their cottage to spend time, just them. To think that I inspired this makes my heart feel all the feels. What a lovely thing to inspire in another couple.

Here is a look into the love stories I witnessed this past year. It might make you make out with someone, just a gentle warning. But that's ok because there's nothing better than some good ol' smooching.