My 101 list | Putting it out into the universe

I once attended a workshop where Samm Blake spoke about her 101 list. It was one of the most inspiring parts of her session and every year since then, I've worked on my own list of 101 things I'd like to have happen in my life.

I think putting the things that you hope for into the universe is something that everyone should do. They say only those that believe in magic can see it. I think the same goes for those that wish it; well, maybe those wishes just might come true.

101 can be a little daunting, and a bit of an overshare, so I've narrowed it down to just a few. I'm putting them out there in hopes that somebody who feels the same excitement about doing one of these will maybe take me up on my offer. 

1. Photograph a wedding in Tuscany.

2. Photograph an intimate elopement in the woods.

3. Photograph a secret elopement at a music festival.

4. Photograph an intimate wedding on a sailboat.

5. Photograph at least one birth each year.

6. Photograph more weddings at Brickworks & Drake Devonshire.

7. Photograph one cottage wedding a year minimum.

8. Photograph a bride in a non white wedding dress, possibly tea length and with epic shoes.

9. Photograph more weddings with peoples pets being a part of the ceremonies.

10. Photograph intimate weddings at Toronto venues Boxcar Social, Union, Terroni, or Fat Pasha.

And, much more elopements, adventures in isolated places for ceremonies and initmate weddings!!