Motherhood | Laura & her girl, Maebel

Since becoming a mom, my world has changed completely.

People told me it would, but I didn’t really understand. Now, I do. And, it’s something I think you can only fully understand once you become a mom. There are women in my life that I have always admired, but with my journey into motherhood, I now look at these women in a whole new light. My admiration for them is beyond anything I can explain.

In the first few weeks of Oscar’s life, things weren’t the unicorns and rainbows that most people painted when describing newborn life. Being visited by some of these mama’s in my tribe were some of the most important times because they helped me find my footing and still continue to light the way. The transition from being the old me, to this new person, has been one I didn’t imagine, or couldn’t quite imagine. But mamas before me, women in my life, ladies who I admire, - well, they have helped me gracefully take on this new role. For each one of them, I’m so thankful.

Laura is one of those ladies, who even still gives me some of the best motherhood advice. One of the best things she offered was that being a mom is not necessarily giving up your “old life” but understanding and accepting your new normal. That, and surrendering yourself to the world of being a mom. I only truly really started to understand this the past few weeks as the fog of the fourth trimester has lifted and Oscar & I are creating a bond that fills my heart with something like I’ve never felt before.

With Laura, there exists such a gentleness in her soul and heart. When she talks of being a mom, it makes you fall totally in love with her and almost wish she was your own mom. Her care, her desire to spend truly present time with her little one, her connection and the absolute joy she has being a mom sets your heart on fire. The love she has is one that truly makes Maebel and this soon to arrive “baby boy”, two of the luckiest little babes there ever was.

I felt so special to have spent a little time with these gems a few weeks back documenting as they play, giggle and make more memories between them.

Motherhood, it really pulls on all the heartstrings.