Emmett | A lifestyle family session

Marla & Adam have been long time clients who make me smile every time I think of them. I also always think of them as one, then separate people. Adam once called me on the phone (full disclosure I hate the phone, I am so AWKWARD on the phone and to be honest after this call I don't think Adam has ever called me on the phone again, I'm THAT weird on it lol)  and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out who he was. It wasn't until he said "Adam, from Adam & Marla" and I was like Bingo! So now, that's pretty much all I think about when they come up, that and how much I totally adore them. I think now though, they'll have to go from Adam & Marla to Emmett's parents. 

Meeting their son, Emmett, for the first time and seeing how they've gone from married life to being parents, well, it kind of made my heart feel like it could burst. From walking in while they were having breakfast just the two of them, to all the cuddles, reading Jimmy Fallon's Dada, learning that the beautiful pencil drawing art pieces on the wall were done by Marla even though Adam thought she bought them at Ikea, to seeing how this family has grown in not just people, but love, well it's why I love what I do. Being able to document families so that these memories are saved for ever and ever makes me happy in a way I really can't even begin to explain so just scroll down and enjoy the sweet times with these three!