Ashley & Faiz | City Engagement Session

Here's a little secret about me (and from what I know, I'm not alone in this), when I read the first email/correspondence from a couple; it tells me all I need to know about a couple. It's all in the tone of how they chat with me, how they speak about their loved one, what they share, and what they don't say; it tells me whether or not we'd be a good fit. And being the right fit, well, that's the most important thing. At least very high on the list.

People who write "send me your packages" well, that's all I need to know about you. I know some photographers that hit delete on that email before even scrolling down to see if maybe there is more to read. People who respond with one word answers and leave sections blank, well, that's all I need to know about you.

I'm lucky to say that the couples I work with aren't anything like that. The couples I get the absolute honour of working with start off the messages with "It is an extremely surreal feeling to know that I am even in a position to be able to send you this message" or, "I feel so grateful to have met a guy I could only dream of spending forever with" or even "Fingers crossed that you can make our dreams come true!". And let me tell you, these kinds of people are the kind of people I want to spend a day with, and maybe spend my life getting to know; documenting all their milestones. Couples like these have hearts of gold, want to be present on their day and want their day to be real and not a production. These couples don't have a list of to do's because that's what everyone does on a "wedding day", they are couples that want to feel their day and trust me to capture all the feelings. They are down to earth good people.

When I got Ashley & Faiz's heartfelt email with stories about them, their unconventional love story and the way they see their wedding day, I was in talks with two other couples. Immediately, hands down, I knew in my heart that Ashley & Faiz would be a couple I could create magic with.  I met with them and the rest is history.

On their engagement shoot, or as I like to call them "love session", we had an icing on the cake kind of amazement and even though things weren't totally as planned, like life,  we rolled with it all. They were a wee late and without cells so I couldnt get a hold of them, but when those smiling faces entered the adorable Walton, well, it was game on. We started with cocktails,  then quickly made our way to the car getting a little bit of the College street bustle. We continued our adventure into Bellwoods Trinity Park, where we dodged rain clouds and eventually made our way onto Ossington where we finished off as the rain made a full on entrance.

What I love so much about my Love Sessions is that it's our time to connect, to learn about each other, learn all the little mannerisms that exist, how you hold hands and to create photos that timestamp this time where you are about to make this big official on paper commitment. The planning stage can be so busy and doing a Love Session is just that much more important in bringing it back to why you are doing this. It's all about love and love is just darn amazing.