Abigail & Chris | An intimate tent wedding by the water

Abigail and Chris are my kind of people. Two free lance entrepreneurs who passionately go after all the things they love; like starting their own business & being in the most inspiring partnership. Together they started 'That Clean Life' (give them a follow and sign up for delicious healthy meals!! I get hungry every time their emails hit my inbox; like a healthy butter chicken...drooling still and it was weeks ago) and they make one great team.

Their Sunday routine involves coffee and internet surfing. Abigail's every routine involves getting up at 6am, leaving all the lights on in their home (I'm right there with ya girl! My own husband reminds me daily to stop this lol), while Chris tends to always be in their tiny closet at the same she's in there.

Cute factor: Chris asked Abigail out on twitter and at the end of their first date wondered how he could get her to marry him, which he definitely found the answer to that one. 

In every interaction with these two, I fall just a little more head over heels for them. The list just doesn't end. They give me a good laugh on Instagram while being pretty adorable in the most non nauseating way 'cause they are just that cool. Their most recent adventure to Costa Rica had me wanting to pack my bags with each post. At the end of their engagement shoot, we just sat and chatted and I could have stayed all night.  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing her brother Alan's wedding this past January and Abigail helped me capture some sneaky photos as they arrived to City Hall. The rest of her family is pretty darn lovely too. Plus, her other brother Jared has become quite the Canadian heart-throb (case in point click here), but is taken, and by one gem of a lady.

Abigail & Chris's wedding took place at Abigail's family cottage on the water's edge. They had a sunset reception and the little bit of rain (which only momentary appeared and then left) painted the sky in the most gorgeous of ways. It was an intimate affair with all the fixings of one beautiful wedding. The conversations were good, the people were hilarious, the food was delicious and it truly was a day that I come back to time and time again with such a full heart. These kind of weddings are why I love what I do and couples like these two make me know that I'm doing it right. Big love to you both, thanks for being the coolest cats out there Abigail & Chris!